Fixed Matches 100% Sure

Fixed Matches 100% Sure

We stand by your side, a reliable platform for correct score fixed matches, and wagering recommendations dedicates attention to precise outcome selections. Through collaboration with multiple sources, we provide an opportunity for our loyal subscribers, as well as newcomers, to capitalize on substantial gains through our precise outcome fixed matches. Following the compilation of data from our sources, our adept tipsters meticulously scrutinize additional particulars that hold the potential to influence the outcome of our chosen fixed football matches.

Betting on the correct score fixed matches remains a popular choice among both casual and seasoned bettors. The odds presented by bookmakers for this category of soccer betting remain notably high, thus ensuring the prospect of substantial returns.

Unlike the conventional forms of betting, such as selecting the home team, a draw, or the away team (also referred to as 1×2 betting), the realm of precise outcome betting encompasses a broader spectrum of potential results.

Having devoted numerous years to research and establishing credible connections with diverse sources, we are poised to serve the thriving betting community with substantial financial gains derived from soccer betting. We explored a myriad of betting models for precise outcome selections, yet after numerous trials that proved unsuccessful, we arrived at the realization that no flawless model exists for this specific wager.

Best Soccer Fixed Games

Consequently, we leverage insights from various sources spanning the globe to ensure the precision of our chosen fixed soccer games.

The majority of bettors harbor aspirations of achieving that elusive victory synonymous with precise outcome betting.

Presently, you stand at the brink of a momentous triumph. Our preparations encompass meticulous odds calculation, identification of an assured victory, and diligent observation of bookmaker activity. Through the fusion of these elements and our extensive source-derived intelligence, we shall furnish definitive fixed matches with precise outcomes, paving the way for substantial betting prosperity.

100% Sure Fixed Matches

Correct Score Fixed Match

Correct Score Fixed Match

Correct Score Fixed Match

Raul 1×2 offer reliable fixed games and accurate scores, along with complimentary matches at no cost. Additionally,
we provide double correct score fixed matches for football enthusiasts.
Rest assured, a guaranteed profit of 100% awaits. Your choice is bound to bring satisfaction. Moreover, we present verifiable evidence and operate with unwavering trust.
Next Double Correct Score 29 September 2023 | Odds 320.00 (bet365..)

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Correct Score Fixed Matches

Ticket Multiple Fixed Matches

Ticket Multiple Fixed Matches

Ticket Multiple Fixed Matches

Elite VIP Fixed Matches package comprises 4 combined games, promising substantial gains through multiplied odds. Embrace this opportunity for secure earnings. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries. Our squad includes skilled betting experts with extensive networks in global football clubs, ensuring highly confident and 100% reliable tips.

Next VIP COMBO TICKET 27 September 2023 | Odds 330.00 (bet365..)
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  • We provide you with the most precise and guaranteed football fixed matches and remain steadfast in our dedication to assisting numerous bettors in effectively utilizing the provided
    fixed tips, ensuring the highest possible betting advantages. We assure substantial winnings with our Sure Win Fixed matches, which can be substantiated by past records and real-life testimonials. Don’t let this opportunity to earn money here slip away. Get in touch with our agents now.

Match Fixing 100% Sure

Switzerland Fixed Matches

Switzerland Fixed Matches

Switzerland Fixed Matches

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27 September 2023 | ENGLAND Efl
Chelsea vs Brighton
Tip: BTS | Odds:1.73 | Result:?:?
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27 September 2023 | ENGLAND Efl
Liverpool vs Leicester
Tip: 1| Odds:1.60 | Result:?:?
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26 September 2023 | ENGLAND Efl
Man Utd vs Crystal Palace
Tip: 1 | Odds:1.80 | Result:3:0  Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

26 September 2023 | FRANCE Ligue 1
Lille vs Reims
Tip: BTS| Odds:1.95 | Result:1:2 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

25 September 2023 | ENGLAND Championship
Coventry vs Huddersfield
Tip: BTS | Odds:1.93 | Result:1:1  Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

25 September 2023 | ROMANIA Liga 1
FC Rapid Bucuresti vs CFR Cluj
Tip: BTS| Odds:1.99 | Result:3:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

24 September 2023 | ENGLAND Premier League
Arsenal vs Tottenham
Tip: BTS | Odds:2.32 | Result:2:2 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

24 September 2023 | ENGLAND Premier League
Liverpool vs West Ham
Tip: 1| Odds:1.57 | Result:3:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

19 September 2023 | ENGLAND Championship
Bristol City vs Plymouth
Tip: 1 | Odds:1.99 | Result:4:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

19 September 2023 | ENGLAND Championship
Sheff Wed vs Middlesbrough
Tip: BTS| Odds:1.93 | Result:1:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

12 September 2023 | EUROPE Euro – Qualification
Norway vs Georgia
Tip: 1 | Odds:1.45 | Result:2:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

12 September 2023 EUROPE Euro – Qualification
Sweden vs Austria
Tip:BTS | Odds:1.99 | Result:1:3 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

11 September 2023 | EUROPE Euro – Qualification
Armenia vs Croatia
Tip: 2 | Odds:1.64 | Result:0:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

11 September 2023 EUROPE Euro – Qualification
Latvia vs Wales
Tip:2 | Odds:1.73 | Result:0:2 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

04 September 2023 | ENGLAND League One
Cambridge Utd vs Reading
Tip: BTS | Odds:1.95 | Result:1:0

04 September 2023 | DENMARK 1st Division
Naestved vs Koge
Tip: BTS | Odds:1.73 | Result:3:3 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

Switzerland Fixed MatchesFixed Match is a reputable website that offers reliable tips on fixed matches, providing both paid options. We pride ourselves on our accurate predictions and transparent approach. Our team diligently analyzes matches to offer well-informed betting picks, including insider information on upcoming fixed football matches. By working with us, you can significantly enhance your chances of making substantial profits through 100% sure betting. Additionally, we provide valuable advice on betting strategies to help you maximize your potential earnings. Rest assured that we prioritize honesty and integrity, leaving no room for deception or false promises.


Suppose you are interested in purchasing a fixed match with high odds to generate substantial profits. We are currently offering fixed match bets for the weekend. This halftime/fulltime match is sourced directly from reliable football clubs, ensuring a 100% guaranteed win. At Fixed Match, our team of professionals diligently selects the most suitable matches for you on a daily basis. We acquire information directly from football clubs, making our sure fixed matches a reliable choice for your betting endeavors. Rest assured, our aim is to ensure your profitability with our trustworthy fixed matches.


Vip ticket combo is an exclusive package that encompasses multiple matches (4 combined fixed games). It represents an excellent opportunity to maximize your profits with a modest betting investment. Also, we provide trustworthy options for betting, backed by insider information from football clubs. Every match included in the package undergoes meticulous analysis, ensuring 100% reliability and fixed outcomes. Finally, our direct connections with football clubs guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the information we provide. Rest assured, with our Vip ticket combo, you can expect a secure and lucrative betting experience.

Switzerland Fixed Matches

Fixed Match is available 24/7, connecting you with the best resources for fixed matches today worldwide.
This is just the beginning of an exciting journey that will undoubtedly transform your lifestyle. The time is now.
By collaborating with us, you can expect substantial cash gains every weekend and beyond. Betting on halftime/fulltime offers is extremely popular among both casual and professional bettors. The odds provided by bookmakers for this type of soccer betting are remarkably high, resulting in significant profits. Unlike traditional home-draw-away (1×2) betting, correct score betting offers a wide range of potential outcomes.
Years of research, reliable connections; profit for soccer betting community. We have experimented with various models for fixed matches HT/FT, but have come to the realization that there is no perfect model for this type of bet.
As a result, we have built a team comprising multiple sources closely connected to us, including individuals working in federations, referees, coaches, and players. Finally, we maintain strong relationships with these connections in order to secure the best deals with clubs. 
Additionally, our team is always prepared to cater to everyone’s preferences. We handle all the research on your behalf, offering you a comprehensive view of the “bigger picture” for every match. Purchase our services and start enjoying your bets while we assist you in making substantial immediate profits!, a verified website, offers 100% sure fixed matches.
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Football Predictions – Free Daily Football Predictions

Football Predictions
We have become an integral part of the game, providing fans and punters with valuable insights into upcoming matches. While there are various sources for football predictions, it is essential to rely on the best and most accurate ones to make informed decisions.

When it comes to finding the best football predictions, it is crucial to consider reputable sources that have a proven track record of success. These sources employ advanced algorithms and statistical models to analyze team performance, player statistics, historical data, and other relevant factors. By utilizing these sophisticated techniques, they can provide accurate predictions for match outcomes.

Soccer Predictions for today

It is important to note that fixed matches or match-fixing has no place in legitimate football predictions. Match-fixing is a violation of ethical principles and fair play in sports. Genuine football prediction platforms focus on providing reliable information based on objective analysis rather than engaging in any illegal activities.

By relying on the best football prediction platforms, fans and bettors can enhance their understanding of upcoming soccer games. These predictions serve as a valuable tool for making informed decisions when placing bets or simply enjoying the excitement of the sport.

In conclusion, when seeking football/soccer predictions, it is essential to turn to reputable sources that utilize advanced algorithms and statistical models. By doing so, you can ensure that you are receiving accurate insights into upcoming matches while avoiding any involvement with fixed matches or match fixing.

Are you a football enthusiast who loves to predict match outcomes? Look no further! In this section, we will explore the world of football predictions and how they can enhance your game-watching experience.

When it comes to predicting football matches, having access to the best predictions is crucial. With so many variables at play, from team form and player injuries to weather conditions and home-field advantage, it can be challenging to accurately forecast the outcome of a game. That’s where reliable sources of football predictions come into play.

Football Match Predicting

The internet is flooded with websites claiming to offer the best football predictions. However, it’s essential to distinguish between genuine sources and those that may engage in unethical practices such as fixed matches or match fixing. As a responsible sports fan, it’s crucial to stay away from any involvement with such activities.

Legitimate football prediction platforms rely on statistical analysis, historical data, and expert insights from seasoned analysts. These platforms take into account various factors like team performance, head-to-head records, current form, and even psychological aspects that can influence a team’s performance on any given day.

Football PredictionsBy utilizing these trustworthy prediction platforms, you can gain valuable insights into upcoming matches and make informed decisions when placing bets or simply engaging in friendly discussions about the game. These predictions not only add excitement but also provide an opportunity for fans to test their knowledge against others.

Whether you are a casual viewer looking for some fun or an avid bettor seeking an edge over bookmakers, reliable football predictions are invaluable tools that enhance your overall experience of the beautiful game. So why not take advantage of these resources and elevate your understanding of the sport?

In conclusion, when searching for accurate football predictions online, always choose reputable sources that prioritize transparency and ethical practices. Let’s embrace the excitement that comes with making informed predictions and revel in the joy of football.

Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

02 September 2023 | GERMANY Bundesliga
Stuttgart vs Freiburg
Tip:1 | Odds:1.95 | Result:5:0Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

02 September 2023 | GERMANY Bundesliga
B. Monchengladbach vs Bayern Munich
Tip:2 | Odds:1.55 | Result:1:2Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

01 September 2023 | ENGLAND Premier League
Luton vs West Ham
Tip:2 | Odds:1.75 | Result:1:2Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

01 September 2023 | GERMANY Bundesliga
Dortmund vs Heidenheim
Tip:1 | Odds:1.33 | Result:2:2 LOSE

31 August 2023 | EUROPE Europa League – Qualification
Sheriff Tiraspol (Mda) vs Klaksvik (Fai)
Tip:1 | Odds:1.45 | Result:2:1 Free Soccer Predictions and Best Football Predictions

31 August 2023 | EUROPE Europa League – Qualification
Plzen (Cze) vs Tobol (Kaz)
Tip:1 | Odds:1.45 | Result:3:0100% Sure Football Games

Are you searching for free soccer predictions and the best football predictions?
At Raul-1×, we’re dedicated to providing you with top-notch daily football predictions that can enhance your betting experience and maximize your winnings.

Why Choose Our Football Predictions?

Every day, we publish meticulously crafted football predictions on our website to help you make informed betting decisions. With a remarkable 95% accuracy rate, our predictions are based on a combination of advanced algorithms, in-depth analysis, and expert insights.

Unrivaled Accuracy and Reliability

Our track record speaks for itself. With a success rate of 95%, our free soccer predictions and best football predictions are renowned for their accuracy. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver reliable insights that can guide you in your betting endeavors.

Expert Analysis from Leading Professionals

Our predictions are not just the result of algorithms; they are the product of collaboration with top analysts, former football players, referees, and other experts in the field. This extensive network of professionals provides us with insider knowledge and unique perspectives that contribute to our predictions’ reliability.

Comprehensive Approach to Prediction

Our team takes into account various variables, including team form, player performance, historical data, injuries, weather conditions, and much more.

Your Trustworthy Betting Partner

We are committed to transparency, and our proven track record of success underscores our dedication to providing you with the best football predictions available.

In collaboration with top analysts, former players, referees, and various other factors, we strive to offer insights that go beyond surface-level analysis. Our predictions are a result of a meticulous process that considers every possible angle, giving you a competitive edge in your betting journey.